Comfort Commissioning
Case Study

About Comfort Commissioning and Our work together

Website design & build, brand modernisation

Comfort Commissioning has 30 years’ worth of experience in delivering integrated environmental commissioning services and water treatment for companies across London and the South East. The company’s team of engineers are trained to the highest industry standards and combines their outstanding technical skills with their friendly approach to dealing with a growing list of customers.

Comfort regularly carries out work on a wide range of commissioning projects, ranging from HVAC validation and commissioning to air change rates and air tightness testing.

We were approached by Comfort Commissioning and the following actions were carried out:

  • A comprehensive redesign of the company’s brochure
  • New design of the company’s email newsletter template
  • Logo redesign and updating
  • New website design, build and management


*This project was previously carried out by The Product Marketing Company which rebranded to TGX Digital in 2023*

Key projects completed

Brand modernisation

Marketing strategy

Website design, build & management

Content marketing

Brochure redesign


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