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Make LinkedIn work for you

Our proven branding package will work for you.

Over 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, more than any other social network. The key is not just having a profile, but actively building and engaging your connections. This is where we come in.

Our package, specifically for LinkedIn networking focuses on expanding your reach and visibility to generate more leads. NetworkPro includes:

  • Content creation – We develop relevant posts and articles tailored to your target audience. Quality content positions you as an industry leader while organically growing your network.
  • Direct outreach – Personalised messages and connection requests help build relationships with potential customers. The average InMail response rate is over 20%.
  • Company showcasing – Compelling company updates and news feed posts highlight your products, culture and industry expertise.
  • Network analytics – We provide data-driven insights based on your follower demographics and engagement metrics to optimize efforts.
  • Advertising – Targeted ads and sponsored content get your brand in front of qualified prospects already active on LinkedIn.

The days of sending random connection requests and posting irrelevant updates are over. We focus on quality over quantity, tailored to your ideal audience. The results speak for themselves – our clients see increased engagement, followers, leads, and sales.

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NetworkPro (LinkedIn)

From £500

Content creation

Direct outreach

Company showcasing

Network analytics



Get noticed

A well-maintained LinkedIn company page can help to make your company known by providing potential customers and partners with a centralised location to learn about your company, its products or services, and its culture.

You can do this by sharing content that is relevant to your industry and target audience, such as blog posts, articles, and videos. You can also use LinkedIn to run targeted advertising to reach specific demographics or interests.

Drive new business

LinkedIn can be a great way to attract new customers for your business. You can do this by creating and promoting content that is relevant to your target audience, and by connecting with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

For example, you could create a LinkedIn group for people who are interested in your industry, or you could sponsor a LinkedIn Learning course that is relevant to your target audience. You can also use LinkedIn to run lead generation campaigns, which allow you to collect contact information from people who are interested in your products or services.

Stay ahead of the curve

LinkedIn is a great way to gain market insights by connecting with people who are active in your industry. You can do this by following industry leaders, reading industry news, and participating in discussions.

This can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in your industry, so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Build relationships

Staying in touch with your partners and customers, sharing relevant content, and providing them with value are all ways to nurture your network on LinkedIn.  You could share a blog post or anything that you think they would find interesting. You could also use LinkedIn to invite them to events or webinars that are relevant to their interests. 

By nurturing your network on LinkedIn, you can build trust, goodwill, and loyalty with your partners and customers. This can lead to repeat business, positive referrals, and other benefits for your company.

Become a thought leader

By sharing thought leadership content, participating in industry discussions, and connecting with other industry leaders, you can establish your business and brand as an expert in your field.

For example, you could write a blog post about a trend in your industry, or you could speak at a conference. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with other industry leaders and learn from their experiences.

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