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About Twinplast and Our work together

Branding, Marketing & Website Design/Build

Established in 1986, Twinplast Ltd is the UK’s only dedicated manufacturer and supplier of corrugated polypropylene solutions.

We were asked by the management team to help modernise their identity to optimise their brand for future growth.

As with many established manufacturing and engineering companies, their brand and identity had become old-fashioned and did not present the experience, innovation and flexibility the company now offered.

Through our brand modernisation process, we took the management team through our programme to help them identify their key brand ideals.

In the case of Twinplast, we found them to not only be highly innovative, we discovered that they were the only company to specifically manufacture their types of products. This, in addition to a heritage of over 30 years, and a very flexible approach to providing customer solutions, sets them apart from competitors. This set the brief for the new logo and identity.

Once we had created a new logo and identity we moved on to the website as the brand’s first touch point for new visitors. Again the website was designed to present the company as creative, innovative and forward-thinking.

Services provided included:

  • Branding consultancy
  • Brand design
  • Marketing/website copy
  • Website design and build

*This project was previously carried out by The Product Marketing Company which rebranded to TGX Digital in 2023*


Don Parr, Sales and Marketing Director

Our value proposition is strong but how to communicate and distinguish that over our peers in a very competitive market was challenging. Our bland very tired brand and website was not supporting our aspirations any longer. We were in need of compelling visuals, the right story and a strong logo, to replace the lacklustre original that had long passed its usefulness.

We picked a modern logo and font from the choices presented, a controversial and complete departure from our old safe look, to a stand out statement describing a modern progressive and confident business. The logo is outstanding, combining the aspects of our production flat sheet and converted three-dimensional packaging. The shouty colours are eye-catching and the strapline describes our promise to market uniquely and succinctly.

But we also needed SEO and optimum user experience and of course to be easily discovered. We now have all that – our brand is enhanced, our trust improved with prospective clients who are able to navigate fluidly throughout our site finding more than a product portfolio – a new partner.

    Key projects completed

    Branding consultancy

    Brand overhaul

    Marketing / website copy

    Website design / build



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