Step Up Your 2024 HVAC DIGITAL Marketing Game Plan

Expanding your business locally in 2024 relies on key digital strategies executed flawlessly. 

Let’s start with a telling statistic – over 85% of HVAC companies fail to generate any website leads monthly, yet wonder why rival local firms secure lucrative service contracts. Don’t let this be you in 2024!

Optimise Your Website for Local Search

Plain truth – if your site doesn’t drive local leads, it needs work. This year:

  1. Audit site content – ensure it includes your service area keywords.
  2. Highlight your physical location and the area(s) you serve.
  3. Create location-specific landing pages showcasing signature local services.

Get Your Google My Business Listing Generating Leads

The vast majority of local mobile searches happen on Google. To capitalise on 2024 opportunities:

  1. Completely fill out your Google My Business profile information.
  2. Encourage customer reviews that build local trust and credibility.
  3. Ensure profile links to your website and booking information.

Video Content Shows Off Your Local Service Benefits

YouTube leads video search, and clips solving local homeowners’ HVAC issues convert best. In 2024:

  1. Storyboard videos showcasing services benefitting local customers.
  2. Produce “day in the life” clips demonstrating signature local offerings
  3. Promote videos on your website and social platforms.

The Time is Now

Still motivated to expand locally in 2024 with digital marketing? The recommendations here are only the start – there are lots more impactful tactics to drive leads and sales for your HVAC business. Follow the above Google My Business, website optimisation and video content best practices properly in-house, or have TGX Digital execute them seamlessly as your outsourced local digital marketing experts. We develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to your business growth goals. Over to you!

P.S. – Take a look at some of our previous projects and work we’ve carried out over the years for UK Manufacturing, Engineering and HVAC companies such as Adcock, Mitsubishi Electric, Principal Climate Technology and Loop Air Conditioning

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