Let’s face it – if someone searches for a business like yours in your area and your company doesn’t appear on the first page, you have a major visibility problem. Your Google My Business profile is basically useless.

Your Google My Business profile is like your shop window to the local community here in the UK. But if it’s not optimised properly, it might as well have the shutters down!

Without GMB visibility driving new customers your way, growing local brand awareness feels impossible. You watch competitors appear at the top of the search rankings whilst your own listing sinks without a trace.

It’s frustrating. Unfair even. But don’t despair – with some strategic GMB tweaks, you can soon have your business name appearing prominently across Google’s platforms.

The truth is, an unoptimised Google My Business profile damages your local SEO. It’s leaving money on the table.

You miss out on that branded visibility when potential customers search for terms like “HVAC installation Bedford” or “Hertfordshire engineering”.

Even if your website content is perfect, no one can find you without robust Google My Business optimisation across areas like:

  • Complete business name, address and contact details
  • Locally-focused business description
  • Relevant photos and virtual tours
  • Accurate amenities, products and services offered
  • Quick responses to customer reviews and questions

Make these improvements, and your brand will become impossible to miss for anyone searching locally.

Ready to turn things around? Here are 5 tips for GMB success:

  1. Fill That Profile Pronto

Leaving sections empty is no longer an option. Provide your full address, opening times, areas served – the lot.

  1. Optimise Your Description

Make sure your description targets local searchers using relevant location names and keywords.

  1. Go Review Harvesting

Customer endorsements provide social proof that you’re the local leader. Politely request more 5-star reviews.

  1. Post Like You Mean It

Engaging posts on updates, offers, news and community involvement will make you stand out.

  1. Obsess Over Insights

Analyse your GMB analytics to see exactly how customers interact with your listing and identify growth opportunities.

A visible, vibrant Google My Business profile makes local brand awareness a breeze. But without urgent attention, it can become an anchor dragging your brand recognition down. The good news? With focus on the right optimisations, you can transform your profile into a magnet for local customers. If you need a hand getting your listing shipshape, our team of local search experts at TGX Digital can help. Get in touch via our SEO services page to explore how we can increase your brand visibility wherever you are.