You can’t sell to everyone!….well you can, but the majority will not buy from you. They are not interested in what you have to offer and even if they were they still would not buy it! Why? Because you’re not speaking to them. You’re speaking to a generic group of people called ‘everyone’ and this is not a language that resonates with them.

People listen to stories that involve them, that they can relate to, that affect them and have an emotional value to them.

Good sales have two rings of engagement. The first and smaller ring of engagement is the product information, the price, the benefit, the form and the function. The second and by far the most important part of a sale is the second ring of engagement – the emotion. The story and reasons the customers give themselves for why they need to buy this product or that service.

Seth Godin wrote the book ‘All marketers are liars’ in which he explained the real marketers are the end customer because we all tell ourselves stories as to why we must have this or that. If that is what your customer is telling himself, make sure your product or service answers those needs! You can’t go wrong. You’re now not selling to them, but you are merely helping them have something that is needed – now.

Of course, if your customer is that desperate to buy from you, your product has more value.