Stand Out Locally in 2024 with Digital Marketing: A 2024 Guide for UK Trades, Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering Companies

Forget chasing your local rivals’ dust – 2024 is your year to claim top spot in your local market. But wishful thinking won’t cut it. A whopping 85% of companies in your industries still can’t generate a single website lead per month! (Source: BrightLocal, 2023 Local Consumer Review Survey) Don’t become another statistic.

This guide is your map to local marketing success:

Dominate Local Search:

Keyword Treasure Hunt: Unearth the local gems – keywords your ideal customers are searching for (think “electricians Hertfordshire” or “steel fabrication near London”). Sprinkle these throughout your website content, titles, and descriptions for maximum visibility.
Spotlight Your Location: No hiding! Shine a light on your address and service areas on every page. Interactive maps and location-specific calls to action make contacting you a breeze.
Landing Page Lab: Craft dedicated landing pages for each city or region you serve. Showcase local projects, testimonials, and special offers that resonate with those audiences. This targeted approach builds trust and turns browsing into bookings.

Unlock the Power of Google My Business:

Profile Perfection: Don’t leave any blanks! Fill out your GMB profile with comprehensive info, including high-quality photos, opening hours, and a compelling business description.
Review Revolution: Happy customers are your secret weapon. Encourage them to leave glowing reviews on your Google My Business profile, and respond promptly and professionally to showcase your commitment to exceptional service.
Link Labyrinth: Build a seamless bridge between your GMB profile and website. Embed Google Maps, link to your booking page, and ensure everything’s mobile-friendly for a smooth journey from search to service.

Show, Don’t Tell with Video Marketing:

Local Hero Videos: Become the neighbourhood saviour! Create short, engaging videos showcasing how your services solve specific local problems, like fixing leaky taps or building energy-efficient homes for families.
Behind the Scenes Peek: Give viewers a glimpse into your world with “day in the life” videos featuring your team, projects, and local landmarks. Highlight your unique work ethic and community connection.
Social Savvy: Share your videos on your website, social media, and even GMB for maximum reach. Run targeted ads on local platforms to amplify your message even further.

Ready to Rule Your Local Market?

No need to blend in with the crowd. Implement these strategies and watch your local UK trades, construction, manufacturing and engineering business soar in 2024!

The tips above are just the start of what you need to be doing to get seen online in your market. Do you want to know more about how you can dominate your local area?

TGX Digital crafts bespoke digital marketing strategies tailored to your specific goals and industry such as trades, construction, manufacturing & engineering. Whether you need website optimisation, Google My Business management, or video marketing, we can help you by having a chat and working with you to get what you need sorted with no hassle and no contract.

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